18 Jun 2012
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So many of my favorite themes all came crashing toward the audience in Michael Ching ’s  Slaying the Dragon on Saturday night at the Helen Corning Warden Theater. I love a good redemption story—probably as a result of my obsession with Parsifal...
21 Feb 2012
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The Center City Opera Theater's mission is "New work, new artists, new audiences" so to fulfill this mission they actively commission new operas.  This is a time consuming venture, to be sure.  It takes, on average, two years and an enormous amoun...
27 Sep 2011
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The chance to hear brand new classical music in the presence of the composer is a rare treat, so make this on your calendars!     Source:  Program notes from Women of Valor: The concert begins with a brief introduction by composer Andrea Cl...
1 Mar 2011
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25 Feb 2011
Expanding upon her libretto for Andrea Clearfield's oratorio, "The Golem Psalms," Ellen Frankel has created a full-length opera inspired by the legend of the Golem. Funding is being sought by the Center City Opera Theater to commission music by c...
25 Feb 2011
Read more about "Slaying the Dragon," a new opera by librettist Ellen Frankel and composer Michael Ching, commissioned by the Center City Opera Theater of Philadelphia. Stay tuned for the world premiere, scheduled for June 2012.
25 Feb 2011
A piano version of Andrea Clearfield's oratorio, "Women of Valor," will be performed on Sunday, September 18, at the Daylesford Abbey in Paoli, PA, with a new commissioned piece, "Hagar," words by Ellen Frankel. The performance will be repeated o...
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